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Labula Sichuan Restaurant Mala Spicy Steamed Chicken
Labula Sichuan Restaurant chongqing Mala BBQ Fish ( Sea Bass )
Labula Sichuan Restaurant Laziji Sichuan Mala Chicken 辣子鸡
Labula Sichuan Restaurant Sichuan Mala Pork
Labula Sichuan Mala Restaurant Mapo Tofu
Labula Sichuan Mala Restaurant Dry Feird Cabbage
Labula Sichuan Mala Restaurant Enoki Mushroom in Tin Foil
Labula Sichuan Mala Restaurant Fried Egg with Tomato
Labula Sichuan Mala Restaurant Noodles with Beef
Labula Sichuan Mala Restaurant Hot and Sour Rice Noodles
Labula Sichuan Mala Restaurant Dry Fride Feneh Beans with Minced Pork
Labula Sichuan Mala Restaurant Mashed Garlic Cucumber
Labula Sichuan Mala Restaurant Garlic Broccoli
Labula Sichuan Mala Restaurant Dry Fried Cauliflower
Labula Sichuan Mala Restaurant Eggplant with Hot Sauce
Labula Sichuan Mala Restaurant ( Garlic or Stie fried ) Lettuce

Have been here several times before, and they never disappoint! the food is always of a certain standard, and is honestly one of the best mala in SG, in my opinion :)) worth a try!! the shop is very clean as well, with polite staff!

以前来过这里好几次,他们从来没有让人失望过! 食物总是有一定的水平,老实说是新加坡最好的麻辣之一,在我看来 :))值得一试! 店里也很干净,服务员很有礼貌!

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Really enjoyed the Mala noodles at this place. A little difficult to locate but well worth the effort! They offer an extensive menu that you can customize your order from. Service was quick and the food was out of this world. Concerned that it might be spicy we ordered mild but will surely go for medium next time. They don’t keep forks there so carry one if you don’t use chopsticks. Highly recommended for vegetarians too. Pretty reasonably priced as well.

真的很喜欢这个地方的麻辣面条。 位置有点难找,但值得花时间来这一趟! 菜单很丰富,您可以从中定制您的订单。 服务很快,食物也很棒。 担心它可能会很辣,我们点了少辣的,但下次肯定会选择中辣。 他们没有提供叉子,如果你们当中有人不用筷子就必须自己带叉子。 也强烈推荐给素食者。 价格也很合理.

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Portion size is good, food is yummy and price is reasonable. They do allow dogs as long as we sit outdoor. Have visited multiple times, super shiok mala during the cold weather.

份量很好,食物很美味,价格也很合理。 室外座位允许携带宠物。 我们去了好几次, 尤其在雨天吃他们的麻辣超级爽.

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First time tried this place located near my place as my wife is craving for grilled fish. And I love it. When I was there, there wasn’t much people dining in but the deliveries order I saw was overwhelming. Despite their high volume of delivery orders, I waited about less then 15mins before the food arrive. Good job on that. Taste was good. 1 of their side dish that I love the most is an eggplant dish with garlic on top. Very nice.

第一次尝试我们家附近的这家麻辣餐厅,因为我的妻子很想吃烤鱼。 我很喜欢他们家的麻辣。 我在那里用餐时,堂吃的人不多,但我看到的外卖订单排得满满的。 尽管他们的订单量很大,但我在食物到达前等了不到 15 分钟。 干得好。 味道很好。 我最喜欢的他们的配菜之一是大蒜茄子。 很不错。

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I was cycling past Bedok Reservoir at 2 AM and felt hungry. I stumbled on this unassuming Chinese restaurant that serves authentic Sichuan food (exactly as what you will get in China 🇨🇳). I must say their food is delicious and cooked by local chefs/cooks from China 🇨🇳. It was a nostalgic experience for me (having lived there for almost 20 years). Highly recommended for all authentic Chinese food lover.

凌晨 2 点,我骑自行车经过勿洛水池,感到很饿。 我偶然发现了这家不起眼的中餐馆,供应正宗的川菜(与您在中国吃到的完全一样)。 我必须说他们的食物很美味,由来自中国的当地厨师/厨师烹制。 这对我来说是一次怀旧的经历(在中国住了将近 20 年)。 强烈推荐给所有正宗的中国美食爱好者。

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